BaseCamp can be overwelming for anyone used to the MapSource concepts of files as BaseCamp (called BC from here forward) considers all data to be part of its database similar to the iTunes program. As with MapSource (MS), there are many ways to use this program. as we develop this Wiki and other users contribute, hopefully we'll build a FAQ to help you become proficient with BC and can use in conjunction with MS, Extra_POI_Editor and other tools for successfully creating routes, waypoints and custom POIs for Garmin GPS devices and to exchange with other brand GPS devices, possibly even "smart" phone apps. This tutorial and FAQ is more oriented to Windows systems than Macintosh PCs but hopefully can be expanded to that part of our community. This information is currently based on the PC BC v3.2.2.

What is BaseCamp

BaseCamp is a program that can be used to create routes and waypoints, send these to your Zumo, and receive tracklogs (containing the tracks you have followed). Main uses are that you can prepare and analyze routes on your computer instead of the small Zumo screen and organize your planned routes, history of routes and tracks. BC is currently the only Garmin routing program with active development and has the advantage to Garmin of lower development and support costs by porting both PC and Mac versions. It should be an advantages of commonality to both BC and MS users eventually.

Where is the Manual?

Currently, the manual references on Garmin's website point to the MS manual, which will not help you with BC. There is a help file in BC, but as with most help files, it is more a reference on how to operate the program, not how to use the program. As significant progress is expected from Garmin with BC development for the On the Road applications, a manual may be a moving target today.

Other Sources of Information

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There is also the ZumoForum and the Garmin BaseCamp Forum.